Ingenious Tactics

The character trained to that adds to the index of Armour the index of Mind without consideration of racial modificators multiplied to the level of skill. Example: the character has 200 of armour, 200 of mind, 3rd level of skill: 200+200*3=800 of armour in result. Works passively. Is studied with the last level in all of three Schools of Wisdom.

Harmony of Elements

All elemental battle incantations of the character with this skill have a dispersion of 1.3*loss, not depending on the element. Besides, the skill allows to dodge the effect of the skill Negotiation of Elements in 50% of cases. Works passively. Is studied in the Academy of Sorcerers on the 15th level of guild.

Talant in Magic

The character, trained to that skill has the ability to apply periodically (the chance is 75%) two incantations – battle and peaceful ones- for one beat of the battle. Works passively. Is studied in the Academy of Incantations on the 15th level of guild.

21% 21% 29% 29%

Forgotten Warriors
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