Healing spells allows you to aid a character and allies by restoring some of the HP. In the healer's arsenal belong such spells as 'Cure Wounds' - that restores some amount of HP of s selected target, 'Group Heal' - that heals the entire group of the character and 'First Aid'. Healing spells can be learned in the 'Guild of Healers', Elite Guild of Healers and Academy of Healers along with defending spells. Every character without exceptions has the First Aid skill.

First Aid

Restores 50% character's maximum HP, but not more then Character's level x12 (maximum - 6480 HP). The cost of use: 1 MP for 6 HP healed. Can be applied only to yourself. This ability can be used together with combat magic even by a character, that didn't learned 'Spellcasting Prodigy'.

Heal Wounds

The amount of mana spend on the spell depends on amount of HP that will be restored - 1 MP for 12 HP healed on all levels of the spell. If there is not enough mana to restore a certain amount of HP then it will restore the amount that can be healed with current mana reserves.

The added amount of life depends directly on combat level of the caster and level of the healing spell. The 1st level of 'Cure Wounds' has a maximum effect of Character level x15, the 20th level of 'Cure Wounds' has a maximum effect of Character level x60. This way a caster of 540 level will restore 8100 HP using a 1st level 'Cure Wounds' spell and 32400 HP by using 20th level 'Cure Wounds' spell.

It is possible to raise characters HP above maximum making it not more then 150% using 'Cure Wounds' spell. The HP boost depends on the maximum effect of the spell (100% HP + one cast of the Cure Wounds).

Group Heal

The principle is similar to 'Cure Wounds', the only difference is that the effect spreads on the whole group. The cost of use: 1 MP for 3 HP healed. Same as with 'Cure Wounds' in case when there is lack of mana it will restore the amount of HP that can be healed with current mana reserves.

The maximum effect on the 1st level of the spell equals to Character's level x25, on 20th level - Character's level x55.

Same as with 'Cure Wounds' spell, it is possible to raise current HP of a character to 150%. The amount of HP of all characters in the group is measured separately from each other and HP boost is added accordingly to the power of spell's effect.

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